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A Cure For Sickle Cell

Learn more about sickle cell disease from Dr. Staci Arnold and see firsthand the effect it has on two young boys, Dakhiyon and Marzavion, who are searching for the blood stem cell donors that could cure them.

My Fertility Options

Dr. Kim Smith Whitely, Teonna Woolford, and April Green share their stories and answer many of the questions associated with sickle cell disease treatment and curative options as they impact fertility, to better inform patients of their options. The trio discuss the possible risks and benefits associated with transplant compared to treatment options as well as how the disease impacts fertility.

The Opportunity For A Cure

Learn more about what Sickle Cell Disease is, the options Be The Match provides for individuals with Sickle Cell Disease and how you can get involved to ensure all Sickle Cell Warriors have a second chance at life.

What you need to know about sickle cell disease - no matter who you are 

Get a first hand experience of what sickle cell disease is like. We cover the basics of sickle cell disease, daily life with SCD, and barriers faced by warriors and caregivers alike. Read more >

Spencer's Sickle Cell Journey

Spencer Brown was born with Sickle Cell Disease. From age 2 to 29, his life was unpredictable and punctuated by frequent bouts of excruciating pain, heavy doses of intravenous pain medication and lengthy hospital stays. Hear the story of his journey with sickle cell disease.

Breaking Down Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Staci Arnold takes us through what sickle cell disease is, how it is inherited and some treatment options.

Clinical Trials for Sickle Cell

Anne DeSalvo, certified genetic counselor, walks us through clinical trials for sickle cell disease, patient rights and what you need to know if you're interested in exploring a clinical trial.

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The Sickle Cell Podcast

Talking about all things sickle cell related, sharing warrior experiences and providing sickle cell related education. Listen now >


Black Blood Heals Podcast

Black Blood Heals is an original podcast presented by Be The Match in partnership with iHeartRadio. In this compelling monthly podcast series, we explore the stories of heroic Black donors who have saved lives and Black patients in need of life-saving stem cell and bone marrow transplants. Listen now >


Sickle Cell Connect aims to connect sickle cell warriors with the resources and support to learn more about sickle cell disease and empower your treatment options. Created by Be The Match to build awareness of sickle cell disease, empower patients, grow the Be The Match registry and to save lives. To support you throughout your journey we have created a Warrior Package with useful free resources and tools.


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